5 Pack High Quality iSOUL® Retractable Crystal Bling Stylus Capacitive Touch Pens With Anti Dust Plug Cap For All Touch Screen Apple iPhones , iPads , iPad Mini , iPods , Mobile Phones & Tablets – Silver / Pink / Green / Red / Blue

  • Attaches to your device and looks like a decoration
  • Small tip makes typing simple & accurate
  • Made from high quality material to ensure good quality
  • Soft rubber prevents scratches & finger marks on the screen
  • Compatible with Tablet PC, Smartphones, iPad, iPhone, iPod or any other capacitive touch screen

This is a Genuine iSOUL® stylus pen that comes with 18 months peace of mind warranty , Very handy to carry and keep your mobile phone plug dust free!!! It’s unique function allow you to use your phone without any fingerprints on screen.


> This iSOUL® stylus can be used to prevent scratches on the screen of your mobile.
> Perfect for cold days when you don’t want to remove your gloves.
> The soft tip on the end of the stylus will not damage your touch screen device & gives you smooth navigation.
> Easy to carry with and storage.
> Expandable/Retractable body
> Its unique feature keeps your mobile free from fingerprints on the screen.
> Its very easy and comefortable to use touch screen for ladies having long or artificial nails.
> 18 Months Warranty


> 1 x Red Color Retractable Stylus > 1 x Silver Color Retractable Stylus > 1 x Pink Color Retractable Stylus > 1 x Green Color Retractable Stylus > 1 x Blue Color Retractable Stylus


> for iPad, iPhone, HTC, Tablet pc, Asus Tablets, Advent, Samsung Galaxy, Mobile Phones, PC, Blackberry Playbook & Phones, Android and all type of Capacitive Devices

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