Elastic Finger Grip with Stand, Fone-Stuff® – Mobile Phone, iPhone. iPad Tablet and Kindle Holder in Gold

  • NEW & IMPROVED ELASTIC FINGER GRIP – Grip your mobile phone or tablet with this ELASTIC SELFIE STRAP that now lets you hold your device and allows it to stand thanks to its secret foldable STAND
  • STRAP THAT STANDS!! – Our NEW and improved design now not only allows you to grip your phone with one hand but allows you stand your phone on a tablet in an angle for videos, pics and games
  • CONVINIANT & SECURE – Allows you to hold your device securely with one hand whilst multitasking like taking pics, texting, answering calls. Very handy for people with Arthritis or a condition where cannot grip tightly as this aids them in holding their phone/Apple iPhone on the move
  • THIN AND BARELY NOTICEBLE – Made with a strong durable thin plastic that sticks behind your phone using a strong enough adhesive that sticks down securely giving your phone a firm grip as you are holding it. NEW & IMPROVED STICKIER ADHESIVE for a LONGER LASTING HOLD!
  • EXCELLENT FOR BIG DEVICES – We all know there is a clear issue between hand sizes and phone sizes. Gives you great stability when holding phones bigger than your hand now giving you the option of having a larger phone

Mobile phones and iPhones come in all shapes and sizes but more importantly these phones have been made to fit most hands and some learn clever tricks in order for them to you their phone as the size is bigger than the usual mobile phones out there. How do we overcome something we need on a day to day basis without creating a massive fuss?

Our NEW Elastic Finger Grip Strap Holder + Stand does exactly that. It allows you to hold pretty much any mobile phone iPhone or even aid you in holding your iPad tablet in whilst you are out and about, on the move or simply when you’re lying down.

Our new and improve design features a secret foldable mobile phone stand that pops out allowing you stand your Apple iPhone/ mobile phone on a table or desk for either a clock, reading messages, watching videos or pics without holding your device.

This universal elastic finger strap is compatible with all mobiles phones and tablets. Please note this sling is not designed for you to hand your device from it but solely to aid you in holding you gadget to make it easier for you.

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