Hynice MetalPhone Ring Stand Holder with 360 degree Rotation Diamonds Luxury Design Masstige Ring Grip/Stand Holder for any Smart Device Cell Phone and Tablets (2061-Gold)

  • Smart Ring with Stand. Perfect ring size to fit most man and woman fingers. Anti-Drop Device for Cell Phones and Tablets. Protect from significant risk of cell phones or tablets drop to the ground.
  • Premium material and color makes your phone more luxurious look.
  • Phone Stand : Good for watching Youtube and movie and playing music.Reusable self-adhesive : Dust can be washed out using clean water to restore strong adhesiveness.
  • The Ring can be revolve in either horizontal direction 360-degree or vertical direction 180-degree
  • 100% Brand New and High Quality,Function 12 mouths warranty

Ring & Stand For Smart Phone & Tablet; Usage:
1.Clean dirt and dust of smart phone/tablet at the part to be pasted;
2.Remove the protective film of the ring,and past it up to smart phone/tablet;
3.Press softly by hand to esure stickness;
4.When need to remove the ring,please shell off from edge firstly,then uncover completely;
Net Weight:25g;
Material:case/metal & ring/metal;
Maxium cohesive force:4kgf;
1.The ring is designed to be pasted on hard and smooth surface,as for soft quality material such as silicon,or coarse material surface,please be sure to try and test firstly,and confirm no problem for safe and effective use;
2.When use the ring,please avoid fall or shock which may cause damage to smart phone/tablet;
3.Remove the ring,please don’t pull off it by force,otherwise smart phone/tablet would be damaged;
4.Please don’t expose the ring to sunlight,high temperature,or high humidity environment,which could cause the deterioration of its quality;
5.Place the ring out of the reach of the children;
Package includes:
1 x Adhesive Ring/Stand for Mobile Phone,iPod,iPad;

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