Mobile Phone Pouch Case, HAWEEL® – Universal Nylon Mesh, Anti-Condensation Drawstring Protective Cover Bag for Cards, i.ds, Apple iPhone in Net Black

  • UNIVERSAL MOBILE PHONE POUCH CASE – Keep your mobile phone safe and protected by giving your case its own little bag allowing you to keep your phone with your keys, wallet in your pocket without getting your mobile phone scratched or damaged. This allows you to simply take your mobile phone in and out as and when you need to use. This Nylon pouch is universal and serves a multipurpose use. You can carry your cards and banknotes and other small valuables other than your mobile phone
  • This pouch is made out of a durable nylon material with small tiny holes that allow air to pass through the case giving your phone a chance to breath decreasing the chances of condensation in hot and cold situations (in and out your pocket). The drawstring allows you to easily open and close your bag keeping everything safe and tidy all in one place and has a press to release button to make things even easier
  • The bag has a dimension of 18.5cm by 9cm so this mobile phone pouch case can pretty much fit any phone such as Apple iPhone 6s/6s Plus, 6,6s, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Note 4, S6, S6 Edge Plus or anything of similar size
  • Foldable pocket bag that can be used for traveling, holiday, or commuting to and from work making sure your belongings such as keys, cards are all kept in one place if you are that type of person who does not want to be fiddling around looking for everything when you need it. This bag although is designed for a mobile phones It is big enough even to carry anything up to your sun glasses making this item a truly multipurpose nylon pouch bag
  • BUY ONE GET THE SECOND 10% CHEAPER – Get more for your money, treat your friends to a simply pouch that can be used for almost anything. This mobile phone case pouch is the perfect accessory for a day to day multipurpose case

Universal multipurpose mobile phone bag is the everyday pouch you can rely on to protect and carry your mobile phones/iPhones/iPod or to simply carry all your valuables such as your cards, coins or banks notes.

This mobile phone pouch has an easy press to tight or release drawstring that allows you to ensure your phone or belonging are secured safely without them getting damaged when in your pocket or bag.

Not only is this a simple and easy to carry, it saves bulk like most mobile phone cases when you just want to simply hold you mobile phone for what it is rather than having a case always attached to the body of the phone changing the feel and shape of the mobile phone or iPhone.

Made from extra durable high quality nylon that gives you a long lasting durable mobile phone sock that you can rely on anywhere you go.

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