Orgonite Minishield (4 pack) EMF radiation protection for mobile, wireless and PC

  • Easy to attach the orgon Matrix (self-adhesive)
  • Specifically designed for harmonising harmful EMF radiation
  • Suitable for all types of mobile phone
  • The transmit power is not affected
  • Ideal for mobile phone, laptop, tablet PC, WiFi and WiFi router

The Orgonite Mini Plate was designed in such a way that it can be placed on the back of the mobile phone to achieve an effective protection against electromagnetic radiation (EMR) – negative energy – and to convert harmful EMR-waves in positive Orgon -energy (Chi, Prana). Orgon Energy is no new invention, but the name given by the psychoanalyst and scientist Dr. Wilhelm. In different traditions, this essential strength is also known as Prana, Chi or Ether. The modern physics speaks of tachyon energy. Tachyons are from technical point of view subatomic energy particles without mass. They travel distances in an instant and are omnipresent. The effectiveness of tachyons is to create order in the chaos and to convert disharmonic conditions into harmonic conditions. Even though the Mini Shield is primarily designed for mobile phones, it can be also used for plug sockets, computers, WiFi routers, wireless mice and lots of other places with EMR. “The radiation from mobile phones isn’t less harmful than the consumption of cigarettes. This observation was experienced by the British Professor Lawrie Challis, during a long term mass study, studying the risk of brain cancer for mobile phone users. With Orgonite, a universal and very potent healing tool has been given to us, which can help to neutralize the aggressive human technologies. The Mini Shield is an Orgon-Matrix with aluminum, copper and a quartz crystal. Includes Amethyst, Garnet and Black Tourmaline.

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