Sinjimoru Ray Absorbent Card EMF Protection Card against harmful cell phone and prevents any recognition error that IC cards may cause due to electromagnetic interference.

  • RECEPTION AMPLIFIERS – No annoying reading error more, if you have multiple cards in your cell phone pocket .
  • RADIATION PROTECTION – Protects you from electromagnetic radiation emanating from your phone and converts it into thermal energy.
  • SIGNAL BOOSTER – The detection capability of your cards is significantly increased because the RFID and NFC interference signals are filtered out by the anti-radiation card.
  • VERSATILE USABLE – Especially useful in the use of many credit cards, licenses, identification cards, transit cards, and passport cards featuring embedded Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips, and other smart cards.
  • DISTINCTION BETWEEN RAYS – Unwanted electromagnetic radiation ( NFC, RFID and normal cell phone radiation, which is required for network connection) are easily absorbed by the card.

Ray Absorbent Card
The electromagnetic wave absorbing card of SInjimoru absorbs electromagnetic waves and turns them into thermal energy.
Thus, when placed between the transportation card and the smartphone, errors due to interferences decrease as it absorbs external and internal (from the smartphone) electromagnetic waves and turns them into thermal energy.
The card should be placed between your phone and your money or transportation card so that it can serve its purpose well.


1.  Why is the transportation card, at times, not recognized even if the electromagnetic wave absorbing card is inserted?

The general reason is that the NFC function of the smartphone is turned on and thus causing mutual interference.
In such a case, you can solve the problem by just turning off the NFC function in the smartphone settings.
Another reason is that the electromagnetic wave absorbing card does not absorb the electromagnetic wave sufficiently.
In such a case, inserting 2 additional cards without RFID function between the smartphone and the transportation card will help to solve the problem.

2. Is there a way to increase the recognition rate of the transportation card without using the electromagnetic wave absorbing card?

Adding 1 or 2 additional cards without RFID function between the smartphone and the transportation card for electromagnetic wave absorption will improve the recognition rate.
However, such absorption may be insufficient and in such a case, we recommend to use the electromagnetic wave absorbing card.

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